The Best Manifestor I Know

Ten years ago, I was cooking dinner when I noticed my fluffy, gray Persian cat, Buddy, sitting in front of the kitchen door, looking to go outside. He was waiting for me to open the door for him.But the kitchen door wasn’t Buddy’s door. At that time, I didn’t know the benefits of keeping cats … Read more

Stopping Chronic Negative Thoughts

** If you like what you’re reading here, check out ** ? Techniques to Overcome Chronic Negative Thinking ? When you’re thinking about something (a negative thought, feeling, situation, etc.) over and over again, you just keep recreating the same situation over and over again ? and it keeps you STUCK ⚠️ You observe … Read more

Maybe You Should Be Uncoachable?

Has anyone ever given you advice that didn’t resonate? And even so, you still found yourself thinking, “I should listen. I should try to be open-minded and be more ‘coachable.’” Well, sometimes in trying to be “open,” we get swayed from our paths. It happens to all of us from time to time, and in … Read more