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The Squirrel, The Mushroom, and Being High on Happiness

We live on acreage in Minnesota.  This time of year, our land is teaming with CRAZY activity, but nothing as crazy as what I witnessed the other day.

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this giant mushroom, under a tree in our yard.  It was HUGE and a very bright color.  

I like to forage for morel mushrooms in the spring, and so I’m always curious about mushrooms and if they are edible.  I tried to look this one up on the internet but didn’t come up with any firm answers, so I forgot about it.

Then a few days later, my man is standing at the window with binoculars and says, “Come here.  You’ve got to see this!”

I joined him, and I hope I can describe what I saw in a way that gives you the full impact.

Under our tree was a small red squirrel POUNCING on that mushroom.

(We’ll call the squirrel a “he.”)  

He would pounce on the mushroom and then rip a piece off and toss that chunk in the air and catch it.  Then do a somersault with a little bit of mushroom in his hands.

Then he would roll around on the ground and do circles on the tree (up and then down again.)

And then he’d pounce on it again!
Roll on the ground.  
Eat a little bit of mushroom.
Do another somersault.
Scamper around.
JUMP in the AIR and land in a somersault!

This little guy was so giddy.  I could almost HEAR him laughing.

We watched him do this for a solid 5-7 minutes.  Naturally, we asked ourselves a question that you might already be thinking about yourself.

“Was that mushroom a psychedelic mushroom?”
“Was that little squirrel higher than a kite?”

Then being a brain trainer, I had a follow-up question.

“Why do we always assume when someone is THAT happy, then they must be high?”  Haha.

We’ll never know for sure, but I am taking my lead from that little squirrel.  

My desire is to be THAT happy! 
Think happy thoughts.
Pounce with delight.
Find new things that make me smile.
Do somersaults.
Follow my joy.
Run around with glee … and repeat!

Let’s try that today.  
(Even if that squirrel probably WAS “scampering under the influence.”)

🙂 Dana

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Thank you for sharing!