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The Best Manifestor I Know

Ten years ago, I was cooking dinner when I noticed my fluffy, gray Persian cat, Buddy, sitting in front of the kitchen door, looking to go outside.

He was waiting for me to open the door for him.
But the kitchen door wasn’t Buddy’s door.

At that time, I didn’t know the benefits of keeping cats inside, and so all our cats could come and go as they pleased.

We had installed a cat door on the other side of the house. Buddy had full access to the sixty acres that were available to him any time he pleased.

He didn’t need to go through the kitchen door because he had his own door, and I told him so.

I continued chopping onions and said, “Buddy, use your own door. You can let yourself out.” He turned and looked at me with a look of disregard and then stared back again at the kitchen door.

At the time, Buddy had been with me for six years. He’s an expressive cat and can be very vocal. He growls, meows, hisses, and has the loudest purring motor I’ve ever heard.

But when Buddy REALLY wants something, he is completely silent.

He stares at the object of his desire with a perpetual will and utters … not … one … peep.

I’ve seen him do this sitting in front of an empty food dish he wanted to be filled. And, and now here he was sitting silently in front of the kitchen door.

Busy tending to the onions sizzling in the pan, I leaned over to him and said, “I’m not going to open it. You can use your cat door.”

Buddy replied with a look of disinterest and then stared back at the door.
I felt like a minor obstacle in his path.
I felt like a “bug on the windshield.”
He wouldn’t budge.

It seemed as if he knew full well, the door would eventually bend to his will. I looked at Buddy with such admiration. How could he know?

I took the rice out of the cooker and set the table. Buddy continued to sit in front of the door. It was clear. He wasn’t settling for anything less than me opening that door.

What could I do except open it? So, I opened the door, and he bolted out. Sweet success!

So now I ask you, what are you focused upon with unending, silent, “knowing” attention?
Are you ready for the door to open?

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Thank you for sharing!