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Maybe You Should Be Uncoachable?

Has anyone ever given you advice that didn’t resonate? And even so, you still found yourself thinking, “I should listen. I should try to be open-minded and be more ‘coachable.’”

Well, sometimes in trying to be “open,” we get swayed from our paths.

It happens to all of us from time to time, and in fact, it happened to me recently. I made some decisions in my marketing that in hindsight, I don’t think were the right decisions.

For me, most often, when I get swayed from my path, it usually comes from a place of wanting to be liked.

I get advice, and I want to be respectful and listen to the opinion of others. I want to be open or at least APPEAR open! Haha. I don’t want people to think I’m not “coachable.”

But here’s the deal, many times when we “try” to be coachable, we move away from our “knowing!”

I’ve built two businesses to the million dollar level. Each of them in under two years. And as immodest as this is going to sound. They weren’t built from listening to the advice of others.

That’s just the plain truth.

My BIGGEST phases of financial growth have always happened when I’ve done one thing. They’ve transpired when I’ve emotionally lined up with what I know to be true for me. And then stayed there.

FAST growth has always come to me when I’ve lined up with that emotional space that I call “knowing.” (I have a whole chapter on knowing in my book, Train Your Brain.)

When you are seeking or looking for answers, then you are not in your “knowing.” When you are looking for solutions to problems or feeling unclear, then you are not in your “knowing.”

When you are in the emotional state of “knowing,” you may not even be able to explain why you feel like you do. You just “know.”

You feel sure. You feel relaxed. You feel ON the path.

You have CLARITY.

For example, here is what I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt:

Growth in your business does NOT come from having the right website. It doesn’t come from having the right book cover or business card or graphics.

It doesn’t come from the method you choose to market, whether that be podcasting or blogging or social media.

It does NOT come from the systems you set up. Nor does it come from your launch sequence or the way you present your products or services.

These are TACTICS and money doesn’t flow from tactics.

There is only one thing that causes money to flow, and that is the expectation that money is flowing.

The KNOWING that money is flowing.

The knowing that your business is growing.

I know this from first-hand experience. And I’ll bet you’ve already had periods of growth in your business when you’ve had this same experience too.

Those moments when it feels like everything’s going GREAT.

Those moments where you feel light and easy because you’re just enjoying the ride.

Those moments where you make choices because it feels like the next fun thing to do.

That is the feeling of “knowing.”

It’s the feeling that everything is right in the world.

During those periods, you are NOT seeking, because you have found.

During those periods, you have clarity.

So, if you want to grow your business quickly, then THIS is the “work.”

The “work” is to get into a place of emotional clarity and knowing and stay there.

How do you do that?

I will talk more about this in the coming days, but start here:

Decide that this is the path for you.


Remind yourself of how much you already know.

Remind yourself of how well things are going.

Make a list of your successes.

You’re already doing it, and everything counts!

Remember that people follow you because of YOU and not because of your systems or methods or tactics.



Know that the path is unfolding and you are already on it.

Every step in your business has been the “next logical step,” and you’ll see the next one too.

Move toward your joy.

Make decisions based from a place of “this sounds fun” rather than “I need to do this.”

Be polite and listen to others, but KNOW what you know.

Know that your number one job is to be rested and centered.

And be so clear and so confident that you are positively uncoachable.


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Thank you for sharing!