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Stopping Chronic Negative Thoughts

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💥 Techniques to Overcome Chronic Negative Thinking 💥

When you’re thinking about something (a negative thought, feeling, situation, etc.) over and over again, you just keep recreating the same situation over and over again 🔁 and it keeps you STUCK ⚠️ You observe what is going on, you feel bad about it, and then your reticular activating system says “Well, you’re thinking about this a lot, this must be important to you, I’m going to keep looking for more of that.” So then it keeps happening again and again 🔁 We call this the cycle of PERPETUAL SAMENESS. If you want to get off this cycle, you have to really be willing to BUST💥 yourself during those times of chronic negative thinking 😳

So then where is the OFF switch for this cycle of perpetual sameness? 🤷 Don’t worry! I have some techniques for you to use RIGHT NOW that will help you to break that cycle and start thinking more positively 🙌🙌

Technique 1️⃣ – SHIFT it into NEUTRAL

What do I mean by this? 🤔 Think BORING 💤 thoughts in the moment! Say 🗣️ statements that you really can’t argue with, easy and boring statements 👍 These statements could include…

“I like thinking in my head.”
“I like that I can focus in this moment.”
“I like that I only can think one thought at a time.”
“I notice I’m thinking one thought right now.”
“It’s amazing that I can focus in my head.”
“I love shifting it into neutral.”

The key with this technique (and the others!) is to stick with the neutral, boring train of thought 💭 for at least one minute. But if you can do it up to three minutes, even better! 💪 You almost start to laugh at yourself, right? 😂

Technique 2️⃣ – BERATE yourself 😲 Hear me out on this one 😉

When I get stuck in chronic negative thoughts and I cannot shift it, it kind of pisses me off 😠 I think about the fact that I have this massive computer in my head 🧠 that can do just about ANYTHING at any given time and all I’m doing is sitting here in this moment thinking these chronic negative thoughts 🗯️ This is how I’m going to use my massive computer brain?? 🚫🚫

You might think that this doesn’t sound like a very brain 🧠 training method to yell at ourselves or get angry 😠 For those of you that are familiar with Train Your Brain, you’ll know that when you are feeling negative or down, the BEST thing you can do is bring yourself to anger on the emotional scale 😡 The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re feeling down is to SHAKE it up a little bit, get angry or a little frustrated and say “Come on, snap out of it!” 🤦 Then just start following it up with some HOPE statements 🤗 like…

“I hope I can think other thoughts.”

“I hope I start to feel better.”

“I feel like I’m already starting to shake it off, so I hope I can stay on this track.”

“I hope I can move my body a little bit to feel better.”

“I hope I can think of some positive thoughts.”

Technique 3️⃣ – Say your negative thoughts ALOUD in a SILLY 🤪 voice

Use a silly 🤪 voice (like Goofy, Donald Duck, Chipmunk voice) to say those negative thoughts that are going through your mind and say it over and over 🔁 again in that voice. How long can you listen to that thought in a silly voice and stay upset? 🤔 You can’t even take it seriously, and you start to see it for the JOKE that it is 😉 Those negative thoughts in your head, they are just a joke! They’re not true ❌ and we just get stuck in them. Once you can make yourself laugh 😂 you start to realize that you have better things to do with your brain 🧠 and your time ⏱️ and then you’re on your way to positive, happy, awesome thoughts! 💗💗

⚡ Last Note: Don’t be so HARD on yourself ⚡

Everybody has moments, and sometimes days, where they just can’t seem to shake those negative feelings, including me! 🙋 We’re all in this together! It’s a bump in the road, it happens to everyone and the GOOD NEWS is it passes, you’re going to bounce right back! 💃 Enjoy the experiences, ALL of the experiences, because guess what? 🤷 They all are leading you down the road (good, bad or indifferent), they are leading you to where you want to go. Enjoy the ride! 🎢

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