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Snow, Resistance, and Growing Your Business

Greetings from Minnesota where the current temperature is MINUS three. It will climb to 12 degrees today, and so that’s balmy as of late.

In all fairness, we had a mild winter up until about a month ago. We sailed through November, December, AND January, but then something happened.

Mother Nature lifted her head and said, “Wait a minute. You’re in Minnesota, and you don’t have any snow on the ground? What an oversight! Let me correct that.”

We got the first eight inches of snow.
Then another.
Three more here.
Five more there.
Last week, as I drove to the airport, my little “clown car” (as my man likes to call it), I barreled through a nine-inch snowfall.
We’ve already gotten over thirty-three inches of snow this month.

Then the winds came.
We would get our paths clear, pretty and walkable again and the wind would DESTROY our progress.
Back to ground zero and shoveling again and again and again.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with building a business?”

And so let me tell you.
I learned a little trick that has helped me cope with the never-ending winter.
And you can apply this trick to your business too.

I figured out that what makes winter miserable is NOT the snow and the cold.

What makes winter miserable is the RESISTANCE to the snow and the cold.

It’s the bitching …
… and the feeling of helplessness.
And the anger and the angst.
It’s the complaining and the wanting.
It’s the wanting it to be DIFFERENT that makes it so miserable.
Let me say that again.
The WANTING for it to be DIFFERENT.

You see after I gave up the resistance — the wanting for it to be different — I had clear eyes to see what was left. I could see what WAS HERE rather than what was missing.

I now step out of my house five times a day to walk Oskar the black Cocker Spaniel.
He shoves his head into snowbanks, and I breathe in the crisp, fresh air.
I look at the sheer magnificence of it all — the beauty, the power, and the awesomeness of nature in action.

And this morning I realized the parallels to business.

So many of the clients who first come into the Train Your Brain sandbox are in that WANTING phase.

Wanting things in their businesses to be DIFFERENT.

They are in a state of resistance.

They will say things like …
I wish I had more engagement.
I want my business to grow faster.
Why aren’t people buying or booking?
What is wrong with me? How come others can do this and I can’t?

And that RESISTANCE is the source of the issue.

When you give up the resistance, then you are left with what IS there.
You’re left with the list of things that are going RIGHT.

When you give up the complaining and the wanting, then you start using your best brain to see what you DO HAVE.

Release the resistance.

Ask yourself, “What would I be thinking about if I wasn’t thinking the thoughts I’m thinking now?”
“What would I be thinking about if I wasn’t resisting the current circumstance?”
“Which things are going RIGHT in my business right now?”

Make that list.
Look at the wonder and beauty of your business …
… and then watch what happens!


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Thank you for sharing!