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Managing Stress

True confession: I have too damn much to do right now.

And while I’m usually a patient person, I haven’t been feeling very patient these last few days.

I have several BIG projects that I’ve started, and I want them all done NOW.

When I start to feel STRESS creeping in, that’s when it’s ESPECIALLY important for me to do my “brain training.”

I’m no different than anyone else.
When I have a lot of things on my To Do List, I want to “kick it down” and DO all those things with ACTION.

I think to myself, “If I just work a few more hours, then I’ll get it all done.” And if I succumb to that, then I’m stressed, AND I’m working long hours.

Um, no.
Not good.
Not good for me.
Not good for my family.
Not good for my business.
AND it doesn’t work!

It’s during these times that I need to manage my stress BIG TIME because when I do that, I get MORE done.

I need to use soothing talk.
I need to remind myself that a calm, focused ME is an effective me.
I need to stay present and relaxed.
And I have to use my secret weapon for slowing down time.
Do you know what it is?


Slow, focused, breathing.

When I feel stressed, I stop and pay attention to a timer.
I watch the seconds click off one-by-one. and BREATHE slowly during each of those seconds
When I do that, time SLOWS DOWN.

And then I realize, that because time is moving SO slowly, I have time for everything I want to do.

I can S-T-R-E-T-C-H out a day so that it feels like a week when I stay in this frame of mind all day.

I get more done because I notice that time isn’t going that fast after all! Time only goes as fast as I do!

And when I RELAX, breathe, allow, and KNOW that I can take action in a slow, calm, enjoyable way, then it’s easy to get stuff DONE.

Try this for yourself.
And watch how slowly that second hand really moves.

You have all the time in the world.


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Thank you for sharing!