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Using Quizzes to Build Your Business

Would you like a list of 400,000? If so, then learn more about quizzes to build your business here ...

A couple of years ago, I interviewed Carol Tuttle for The Mind Aware Show. We had both appeared in the movie, The Abundance Factor. But this was our first time getting to chat one-to-one.

After the interview, we started talking about marketing and business building. Then Carol asked me, “Do you have a quiz?”

I said, “No, but I’m familiar with your’ Dress Your Type’ quiz. I love it!”

She said, “You need to create a quiz to build your list. I have 400,000 people on my list, and it’s because of that quiz.”

Long Pause … Me Absorbing Information …

Um, yeah. I need to get a quiz.
(P.S. I can’t even imagine what her list size is now.)

Ever since that day, I’ve been thinking about quizzes.

I put it on the back burner while I was exploring other things and then finally created my first quiz this year.

Part of the reason it took me so long was that I couldn’t find the right tool for what I had in mind. I wanted something that could do EVERYTHING and was also EASY to use. It had to user-friendly for the “non-techie” like me. That’s when I found TryInteract!  (Use promo code “DANA25” for a 25% discount on TryInteract.)

SIDE NOTE: Don’t wait.  Creating a quiz is the best thing I’ve done for driving traffic in my business since I opened the doors.

In this post, I’ll reveal what types of quizzes work as lead magnets to build your list and HOW to create a quiz.

"Quizzes are irresistible. Buzzsumo has stated that the average quiz is shared nearly 2,000 times."

The most significant benefit of a quiz is that they tap into the core desires of most people.

The first core desire is to know more about themselves, and the other core desire is to test their knowledge.

Just ask Buzzfeed. Quizzes are irresistible. Buzzsumo has stated that the average quiz is shared nearly 2,000 times.

The other HUGE benefit is that it gives you information about the people who are following you.

For example, my “Your Marketing Superpower” quiz has revealed that 51% of the people who have taken the assessment are “Connectors.”

That’s HALF!  Think about that!  There are seven different marketing superpowers.  Even so, HALF of the people who follow Train Your Brain are connectors.

That is information that I couldn’t have found any other way except for a quiz. And it helps me to know the best way to communicate with my audience. That information is priceless!

So it helps YOU to SERVE your people better.

And finally, quizzes are great list builders. Just ask Carol Tuttle.

There are countless quizzes in the world, but a few of the popular styles that are good list builders are:

Interactive Quizzes 
These are some of my favorite types. They include personality quizzes, scored quizzes, and assessment quizzes.

My “Your Marketing Superpower Quiz” is a personality quiz. You take the quiz to see which “type” you are (and in this case, discover your best method for marketing your business).

Personality quizzes are the most common type of quiz. Nearly 70% of the quizzes made with TryInteract are personality style quizzes.  (Use promo code “DANA25” for a 25% discount on TryInteract.)

I don’t know about you, but I see those “What type of ___ are you?” quizzes shared everywhere!

In addition to Personality Quizzes, Scored, and Assessment Quizzes also attract followers. They are attractive because people like to test their knowledge on a subject.

If you are using these types of quizzes as lead magnets, remember to make the quiz relative to your product or service.

I love this example from TryInteract. If you were selling make-up, this would be a great quiz to use.

Here is another good one for entrepreneurs who are catering to marketers.  Learn more about these types of quizzes HERE.

Product Recommendation Quiz:
Here is an interesting statistic from TryInteract . . .
Product recommendation quizzes sell FOUR times better than generic stores.  (Use promo code “DANA25” for a 25% discount on TryInteract.)

"Product Recommendation quizzes sell FOUR times better than generic stores." (Stats from TryInteract.)

A Product Recommendation quiz is a terrific option for two types of entrepreneurs. 

One, if you have several physical products in one category. For example, if you sold kids books, then you could create a quiz called, “Which book is best for your child?” You could ask questions about the child’s age, reading level, and personal preferences and recommend a book at the end of the quiz.

OR if you have several programs that cater to a specific issue that someone may be having. Let’s say you are a money mindset coach with several programs that address different money mindset limiting beliefs. Then you could create a quiz like, “What is your money mindset block?” At the end of the assessment, you could recommend a program.

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to create this type of quiz.

Quiz as an Opt-In to your Website:
After someone takes your quiz, you can invite them to opt-into your email list for more information. I do this with the “Marketing Superpower” quiz.

It’s powerful to use a quiz as an opt-in because you learn about the person opting into your list! You find out their preferences or style based on their quiz answers (and result.) This allows you to tailor your FOLLOW UP emails based on their answers!

When you can be more personal in your follow up, it allows you to build a relationship with them. You are communicating based on WHO they are, rather than just as a generic person on your list.

You can learn more about how to create this type of quiz HERE.

My quiz journey started with research.

I wanted to make marketing FUN! I thought if entrepreneurs could find the ONE thing that they LOVED to do, then they could use that “thing” as their marketing method.

I had narrowed it down to seven different “Marketing Superpowers.” The challenge was finding a quiz builder dynamic enough to handle all the segmenting for a quiz that big.

Also, I wanted a quiz builder that could handle different types of quizzes. I knew I was going to build more than one quiz and so I wanted it all!

Finally, I wanted a quiz builder that could incorporate pictures into both the questions AND the answers. Using images helps to keep people engaged.  This is a good example:

I am not exaggerating when I say that I researched DOZENS of builders. I purchased and used many of those, and they all fell short, except for TryInteract.

I liked TryInteract so much that I interviewed the owner of the company, Josh Hayman HERE. (And I became an affiliate for the program!) 

I had my quiz builder! Now it was time to write my quiz!

Even though TryInteract offers so many easy-to-use templates, I decided that I wanted to build my quiz from scratch.  (Use promo code “DANA25” for a 25% discount on TryInteract.)

Their intuitive builder makes it simple, but I still needed to think of the topic and questions.

You might be asking yourself, “Dana, you’re a mindset person. Why did you decide to build a marketing quiz?”

The first reason I created a “marketing” quiz, I already mentioned. I have a core belief that we can all market our businesses EASILY when we find our Marketing Superpower. But I knew something else that wasn’t so obvious.

Most of the people looking to build their businesses, don’t KNOW that they have a mindset problem! They think they need to work harder and find a better marketing method!

So, I wanted to create a quiz that attracted NEW people who didn’t know about Train Your Brain yet. AFTER they were in our sandbox, then I could educate them about mindset.

Think about that when creating your quiz. What PROBLEM does your client have? How can you talk to them about the problem they THINK they want to fix? After you connect with them, then you can show them that your method is the best way to fix that problem.

"Think about that when creating your quiz. What PROBLEM does your client have? How can you talk to them about the problem they THINK they want to fix?" ~ Dana Wilde

Coming up with the questions was easy for me because of the TryInteract Interface. You see, to create a quiz, you need to write the ANSWERS first!

After I had written the seven Marketing Superpowers, I was then able to pull the questions from that copy.

For example, the Analyst ANSWER says, “You love numbers and spreadsheets.” So it made sense to have the question, “Do you love numbers and spreadsheets?”  How easy is that, right?

One of the things I tried to do was offer VALUE with the answers … for FREE.

In other words, if someone takes the test, they will learn something that will be of value to them. And they will get value even if they don’t follow me or Train Your Brain ever again.

On the other hand, if someone opt-ins to my email list AFTER the quiz, then I want to give them even higher value.

I structured it like this …
When you take the test, then you discover your Marketing Superpower. If you opt-in after the test, then I will send you a bunch of marketing ideas using that superpower.

So, how can you use this in your business?

Are you catering to singles looking for love?  If so, then maybe you help them assess a “block” they have regarding relationships with the quiz. After the quiz, if they opt-in to your list, then you can give them suggestions for fixing that block.

Are you catering to parents looking for quality entertainment for kids?  If so, then maybe your quiz addresses “what type of child do you have?” and when they opt-in, you give them options for entertainment.

Seriously, the ideas are endless!!

I wanted to share a picture of the back office of TryInteract Because I think the integration mapping is one of the most powerful features.

When someone is done taking your quiz, then you can TAG them by their result AND (or) each answer they gave!  This is SO HUGE!

When you have a special offer that pertains to a specific TYPE of person, you can write to JUST that segment of your list. You don’t have to write to EVERYONE and bother people with an offer that may not be a fit. 

I cannot recommend a quiz (and TryInteract) strongly enough.  

Quizzes give you the information you need to be an effective communicator and marketer. They help to attract the RIGHT person to your list, and they do it in a way that is FUN. And FUN is the Train Your Brain language!

If you want a free trial to TryInteract, then CLICK HERE to get started.  (Use promo code “DANA25” for a 25% discount on TryInteract.)  It will be the best thing you’ve done for your business.  Just ask Carol Tuttle.

Thank you for sharing!