The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Who:  Dr. Paul Scheele – Founder of Learning Strategies

What We Talked About:  It’s Throwback Thursday!  Listen to this classic interview where I talked to Dr. Paul Scheele about the unconscious mind and how it serves us and how it hinders us.  He reveals how we develop our current habits and fears and how to change them and how we can wake up from the trance we’re in that says we can’t do something.

Why I LIke Paul:   He is passionate about how the brain works and how we can use it more powerfully to our advantage.  He takes really complicated subjects and makes them accessible and easy to understand.  He has studied mindfulness, genius, habits, and how the brain works for his entire adult life and he is a wealth of information.  

Great Line:  If we are going to make a change, we have to have the thinking pattern start to run not only consciously, but more importantly non-consciously.

Where to Learn More:

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