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Just Ask

Who:   John Baker – Former COO of American Express and Author of The Asking Formula

What We Talked About:  It’s Throwback Thursday!  Listen to this classic interview where I talked to John Baker about “asking.”  Did you know that the part of the brain that is stimulated when we hear the word, “no”, is the same part of the brain that is stimulated when we put our hand on a hot stove?  Is it any wonder why we just don’t ASK?  In this interview, John reveals the steps to becoming a better at this vital marketing skill.

Why I Like John:  He makes sense.  John has done the studying.  He has the experience.  He’s written the book.  This guy has credibility with a capital C.  And he explains how to ask in such a relaxed, laid back manner, that by the time he’s done, you actually feel like like it would be easy to ask for what you want more often … and get it.

Great Line:  I have found that most people respect that you’re saving their time, you’re saving their energy, by getting to the point of what you want, so they can get to the point of whether they can help you or not.

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