Giving Up Sugar for a Better Mind

Who:  Jill Shreve – Certified Holistic Health Coach

What We Talked About:  The effects of sugar on your brain and body.  How certain foods have a propensity for causing fatigue, ADHD, and illness, and how you can know if you have an issue.  Jill revealed several methods for reducing or eliminating sugar altogether.  

Why I Like Jill:  Jill coaches from the same ideas that I share in Train Your Brain.  In fact, immediately after we ended the interview, she said, “We should really add that the first step is to change your story and stop calling yourself a sugar addict.”  BAM!  I couldn’t agree more.  She said that her new story now starts, “I used to be a sugar addict, but now … “  Jill makes reducing or eliminating.

Great Line:   When you eliminate sugar, you eliminate brain fog.

Where to Learn More:

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