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It’s Time to End Shame-Based Marketing

Who:  Dana Wilde – Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, Creator of The Celebrity Formula, and Host of The Mind Aware Show

What This Show is About: It’s Time to End Shame-Based Marketing. 

Dana had a personal experience with a shame-based marketer and boy does it set her off.  Listen in to this episode to find out WHY you DON’T want to use this type of marketing method and the three things to do instead!

The Mind Aware Show is Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs.  Dana Wilde, the #1 bestselling author of Train Your Brain, delivers motivation, marketing ideas, and business tips designed to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, and manifest freedom and success in your business.  Dana Wilde goes beyond positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. This show is the ultimate in Entrepreneur Mindset. Click here to ask Dana:

Please check out our episode notes below…

01.40 – Dana shares her recent experience regarding SHAME-BASED marketing and how it impacted her viewpoint.

04.50 – Discover how some of the words marketers use can have a NEGATIVE impact on their audiences.

06.40 – Step #1 to marketing without it being shame-based (this relates to the WHO).

07.42 – Step #2 to marketing without it being shame-based (this relates to the HOW).

09.30 – Step #3 to marketing without it being shame-based (this relates to YOU!).

10.50 – Find out what most marketers DON’T “get” yet.

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