From Clutter to Calm

Who:  Diane Halfman – Motivational Speaker and Host of Live Your Spa Life

What We Talked About:   How to go from clutter and chaos in your life to clean and calm!  As a former San Diego police officer, Diane Halfman was inside of a lot of chaotic homes.  She started to notice a pattern, the more drama in homes she witnessed, the more clutter. This spurred her to create her clutter to drama ratio theory and now she dedicates her life to helping entrepreneurs decrease their clutter AND in turn, decreasing their drama.  In this interview, Diane gives three solid tips for decluttering your space, your calendar, and your mindset today!

Where to Learn More:  Take Diane’s clutter to drama ratio assessment here:

If you want to comment on this the original livestream recording for this session, then CLICK HERE.

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