Finding Time for Self-Care

Who:  Dr. Zoe Shaw

What We Talked About:   How to fit self-care into a busy life!  During this interview, licensed psychotherapist, motivational speaker, and coach, Dr. Zoe Shaw about how to find time for self-care so you can be happier, perform better and live your best life.  Dr. Zoe talked about why self-care is important and revealed some easy tips for making self-care a priority, so that you can start a daily practice of “filling your own cup.”  At the end of this interview, she surprised us with a powerhouse idea for parents of teenagers. I know you’ll love it, and find a way to apply it to your life, even if you don’t have teenagers!

Where to Learn More:

If you want to comment on this the original livestream recording for this session, then CLICK HERE.

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