You Can Raise Great Kids

Who:   Deb Owen – Family and Life Coach and Creator of 5 A+ Steps to Success for Stressed Out Parents

What We Talked About:  How to be a positive, respectful parent, and raise great kids.  We talked a lot about dealing with situations in the heat of the moment and Deb revealed her A-to-E formula for positive, effective parenting.  

Why I Like Deb:  Deb used to be a public school library teacher and unlike many parenting advocates who want to bash social media and limit kid’s freedoms, Deb comes from the idea that if you trust kids to be smart they will act smart.  She is a Train Your Brain parenting advocate all the way.  She knows how to take positive parenting to the next level.

Great Line:  If you want your child to grow up and respect you, then you need to respect your kids now.

Where to Learn More:

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