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Food, Weight Loss, and Your Mind

Who:  Ande Anderson – Registered Dietician and Co-Founder of iThink Human Transformational Technology

What We Talked About:  Aren’t you tired about feeling bad about what you eat?  Ande and I talked about how we can think better so we eat healthier and how we can eat healthier so we think better.  It is possible to eat foods we like and feel better about the foods we choose to eat and Ande gives three methods you can implement right now to do both.  

Why I Like Ande:  Ande has such a wide background on the topic of health, diet, and nutrition.  Her experience varies from being a registered dietician to being the director, producer, and star of the movie, SuperShrink Me, to co-founding iThink.  Ande understands the “normal” world we live in and can give practical answers for day-to-day life, but she also understands the power of the mind and how we can all feel better, right now, about our relationship to food.   

Great Line:  I think, above all else, be aware of what you’re thinking.

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