The Emotional Scale is a tool that we use to shift our emotions in any given moment.   You identify the emotion you are feeling and then say sentences that represent the emotional state to the right of the emotion you are feeling. 

For example, if you are feeling fear or worry, then say a bunch of sentences in a row that start with the words, “I’m angry because …”  Say those sentences for a few minutes until you actually FEEL angry.  Then you can move one more spot to the right and start saying a bunch of sentences in a row that start, “I’m frustrated because …”  After a few minutes, move onto “hope,” and so on. 

The Emotional Scale allows us to honor and feel our emotions fully and at the same time, shift ourselves to a better emotional state.  You can download The Emotional Scale below by “right-clicking” on it.  You can find other useful tools in the files section of our Facebook Group.  CLICK HERE to join for FREE.

NOTE:  THIS episode of the Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs Podcast covers The Emotional Scale in detail.