Hypnotherapy with Krys Godly

An EXCLUSIVE monthly session for members of the Train Your Brain Facebook Group ONLY!  This session is done via livestream into the Train Your Brain U Facebook Group HERE

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Join Reverend Krys Godly, Certified Hypnotherapist and founder of Spooky School, for this monthly session where she helps you to directly reprogram your unconscious mind using hypnotherapy so you can change your limiting beliefs. Even if you’ve never tried hypnotherapy before you can join in.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, easy-to-use, relaxing method where YOU are in control. In these sessions, Reverend Krys will guide you to releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with life-affirming beliefs about allowing more abundance, feeling confident, ease and flow in your life, positive mindset, physical health, and more!

This is a once a month offering that happens on the FOURTH Tuesday of every month at 1 PM Pacific | 2 PM Mountain | 3 PM Central | 4 PM Eastern | 9 PM London | 6 AM Sydney (next day)

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June 22 @ 00:00
00:00 — 00:30 (30′)

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