Consistency! FREE Workshop with Dana Wilde

Would you like to generate consistent income in your business?  Are you tired of the “feast or famine” model of being an entrepreneur?   If so, then this FREE Workshop, hosted by Dana Wilde is for you!

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This workshop is being held LIVE, but there are multiple times to choose from. 

During this live event, Dana will reveal how to attract leads and make sales (even if you hate marketing.)  

In this workshop, you will discover . . . 

  • HOW you can make a six-figure (or even seven-figure) income, even with a small following. 
  • The five “consistency” areas to MASTER if you want to have money flowing in easily and HOW to master them! 
  • The exact FORMULA for attracting clients and making more sales!
  • How to get PAID for being YOU;

If you would like to be able to count on a consistent amount of money flowing in every month, then this is the workshop for you!

June 24 @ 09:45
09:45 — 01:00 (1h)


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