Encore Workshop: Attracting Clients Who Pay and Stay with Dana Wilde

I have identified the exact steps I took to build TWO businesses to the million dollar level QUICKLY and EASILY …
… and even better, I have discovered HOW to reveal those steps to you in a way that makes them EASY to Implement.
(You can use these tips if you’ve never had a business before or you feel like you have a mindset block to success.)

This Workshop is for you if … 

  • You Feel Like You Have a Mental Block to Success: You don’t know what is standing in the way of achieving your dreams. You feel like you have a mental block.
  • The Money Coming In Doesn’t Reflect the Effort You’re Putting Into Your Business: You keep trying things to build a following and grow your business, but no matter what you do, you stay stuck at a certain financial level.
  • You Know You Are Capable of More: You know you’re smart and capable, and so you want to a business that reflects that you know what you’re doing.
  • You’re Already Working Too Much: You don’t feel like you can take on one more thing to get your name “out there.” 
  • You Have Big Dreams AND Self-Doubt: You’re smart and capable and you dream big, but sometimes you wonder if those dreams are really possible. 
  • Or you just want to attract more clients NOW!  

In this Workshop, you will discover … 

  • HOW you can make a six-figure (or even seven-figure) income, even with a small following. 
  • The THREE things you must do if you want to STAND OUT in your market and attract clients.  
  • The BIGGEST mistake most entrepreneurs make when it comes to MONETIZING.  
  • How to work FEWER hours with BETTER results and it just takes ONE shift in focus.  
  • How to get PAID for being YOU! 

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June 17 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:00 (1h)


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