When to Dump Your Six-Figure Job

Who:   Deb Bixler – Party Plan Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Host of Cash Flow Show

What We Talked About:  How she made the leap from her six-figure “sure thing” job to starting her party plan business and ultimately replacing her six-figure income within 11 months.  Deb took a non-traditional, but very do-able for anyone route to ditching the day job for the entrepreneurial life.  And she reveals one daily tip that is a game changer and worth the price of admission.

Why I Like Deb:  You won’t find a straighter shooter than Deb.  She tells it like it is, bluntly and clearly.  She doesn’t sugar coat or embellish.  You can be sure that what she says is truth to the letter.  And did I mention she’s funny too.  If you like a dry sense of humor, you’ll like Deb.

Great Line:   Sometimes burning a couple of bridges is the best thing you can do.

Where to Learn More:  http://www.debbixler.com  http://www.cashflowshow.com

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