Jack Canfield“Dana has a naturally bubbly, charismatic personality. Her little bit of shyness and her ‘I’m-just-a-normal-girl’ kind of energy is very endearing and it’s what makes people like her. It’s the same thing that made Oprah successful.”
Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles


Sarah Thomas“Using Train Your Brain, in two years, I’ve gone from zero to a million dollars a year in my business, and paid off $30,000.00 in debt!”
Sarah Thomas, Basehor, KS


Bree Stedman“Since listening to and using Train Your Brain, I have seen phenomenal growth in my business. At the beginning of the year I was on the verge of losing my unit due to lack of passion, purpose, and production. Since then, with Dana’s help, we’ve had a 400% growth, I’ve earned the company car, I’m personally in the top 5 of the company, and my unit is in the top 15 in the company. This course has changed my entire life and I will always be grateful!”
Bree Stedman, Newcastle, New South Wales, AU

Mirandy Donley“I went to learn Train Your Brain for my business but I took it home and used it on me… I came back and applied it to my life and lost over 100 pounds and got it together. Train Your Brain has changed my life. The second year, much skinnier, I learned again and took it into my business and emotional life. Dana Wilde is easy to listen to and this is really worth your time and energy.”
Mirandy Donley, Richland, WA

Joslyn Saunders-Spencer“I am an Air Force Vet and have always been a worse case scenario person due to PTSD. Train Your Brain is helping me to see the silver lining in situations. My business has changed for the better, and my life is more at ease. Stress has always plagued me and now I have a handle on things. Thanks Dana!”
Joslyn Saunders-Spencer, Salt Lake City, UT

Wendy Livingstone“Train Your Brain has not only changed my business, it has literally changed my life. It has helped me to grow my team very quickly, earn top awards in my company, and earn a free trip to London (twice!!!). But most importantly, it has helped me be a better mom and wife. I used to think these types of trainings were silly, but you presented the information in a scientific, concrete, understandable way that helped me to see how important our thoughts really are.”
Wendy Livingstone, Yorktown, VA

Jennifer Summers“My biggest goal that Train Your Brain helped me to accomplish was leaving my full-time job in May 2009. Since I began my home business, I knew I wanted to do this full-time but I didn’t know how I would get there. The tools Train Your Brain taught me helped me to believe in myself…It’s over four years later and I’ve never looked back.”
Jennifer Summers, Alexandria, VA

Joandel Pedesclaux“This program has totally changed my life AND my business … and I’m only on the 2nd disc! I went from consultant to team manager in two months…In one month I had a baby AND sponsored three people! I have become a more positive person because of Train Your Brain. Thanks so much for making this program, Dana!”
Joandel Pedesclaux, New Orleans, LA

Monica Ramos“Train Your Brain has truly changed my life. I have always been fascinated with the brain and a believer in the power of the mind, but Dana, you have a way of explaining it unlike anyone else. Since beginning Train Your Brain, I have quit my full-time job, replaced my full-time income with my Miche business, become more organized, become healthier, and just improved my quality of life all around. I can never thank you enough, Dana. You are my hero!!!”
Monica Ramos, Sacramento, CA

Christine Moe“I come from a very scientific, analytical background in the sciences; needless to say, this type of abstract thinking has always been fascinating but difficult for me to truly grasp and embrace. I have always been a believer in the “power of positive thinking” but I never understood the true depth and power of the brain until Train Your Brain. Dana did a phenomenal job explaining this in a way ALL of us (even us crazy analytical folks) could understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Christine Moe, Sacramento, CA

Edie Anne Pelletier“Train Your Brain HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! You always hear the verbiage, “What ever you put your mind to….” Or “Your thoughts become reality.” There is no fiction to this. My positive outlook on life has drastically changed since I met Dana 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back.”
Edie Anne Pelletier, Allagash, ME

Natalie Blais Hjelsvold“Train Your Brain has given me the tools and the skills to dig deeper and truly believe that not only do I WANT more…I DESERVE more! My business has become far more successful. My thoughts and beliefs have developed into daily mantras that keep me on track, focused and in touch with my goals and dreams. It truly has changed the landscape of my business and my life.”
Natalie Blais Hjelsvold, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sally Gersbeck“Train Your Brain has given me hope. Before I found Train Your Brain I had given up on ever having the things I wanted in my life, I was just hanging in there hoping something would come along. Now, because of Dana and Train Your Brain, I am building beliefs that the things I truly desire are possible! Thank you Dana.”
Sally Gersbeck, Clarkefield, Victoria, Australia

Shondell Thomas“Train Your Brain has helped me so much professionally and personally! This training has changed how I look at life entirely! I have had more success with this training than any other!! The support that is offered through this team is awesome, Thanks Dana Wilde!!!”
Shondell Thomas, Howell, Michigan

Debbie Doe“Train Your Brain has really changed my life and my business. Since TYB, I have learned to be more positive in my personal life as well as my home business. I have so many mantras hanging around the house and car that sometimes I laugh at myself. Thanks Dana, for teaching me how to be more positive and having fun with life again.”
Debbie Doe, Windsor, Ontario, CA

Leesa Pukas-Salviulo“You nailed it from all the other “gurus” in the Brain world… I always say if you put it into “Layperson’s terms” then the WHOLE world can learn it! I have been waiting for someone to put it together, to start and help my team to start at the “root” first, so thank you thank you!”
Leesa Pukas-Salviulo, Alberta, Canada

Vicki Gower“Shortly after attending a seminar with Dana I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and now before my doctor’s appointments I chant to myself, “my blood pressure is at a healthy level”…so far so good! With my team, I have been working towards growth with my business and bringing in new and excited people. I now speak very differently to myself about what I can do and in April I sponsored 7 new people into my team! With Train Your Brain I am putting the right “me” out there!”
Vicki Gower, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

Lisa Stamey“The thought awareness has been an amazing change. So easy to say: no to the negative voice and change to positive. The results happen so quick it takes your breath away. Mantras are a gift. I find I want to share with everyone. I always get comments: you are always so happy! Yes. And it is fun! Thank you Dana.”
Lisa Stamey, Pampered Chef

Faye Chapman“Train Your Brain is the starting point for the rest of the trainings. I have so many wonderful skills from TYB that have made a huge difference to my life. It’s the best investment I have made, and The Brain Overhaul and Six-Week Intentional Action just make it better and better. By just being able to get myself back to a calm and happy emotional spot I am off blood pressure meds and “happy” pills for the first time in about 20 years. Thanks Dana.”
Faye Chapman, ENJO, Sydney, Australia