The Positivity Coin Replay With Dana Wilde

UPDATE:  30-to-1 for tokens (as mentioned in this replay) is CLOSED!  20-to-1 is still available.

The graphic shown in this presentation can be downloaded HERE.

If you’re new to Positive Prime and want to understand why it’s a powerful technology for priming your brain, you can watch THIS 28-minute video. If you want to see what it feels like to use it, you can view a session HERE. (Put it on the fastest speed.)

Sign up for Positive Prime using THIS LINK (or the link your friend gave you).
THEN, upgrade to “annual” using the “upgrade” option on the left-hand column.

AFTER you have signed up for Positive Prime Annual, THEN contribute to the Positivity Club Coin HERE.

If you have additional questions, please write to [email protected].​

HOST: Dana Wilde

DANA WILDE – Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, built her business from ZERO to one million dollars a year in just 19 months and now she helps others do the same.

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