How to Get the Happiness Advantage

Who:  Shawn Achor – Author of The Happiness Advantage What We Talked About:  Why happiness comes before accomplishment and not the other way around.  Shawn shared solid exercises for feeling happy now.  Which practices can you cultivate now that will help you to be happier?  Shawn shares the those and more.  This call is packed … Read more

Can You Be Spiritual and Rich?

Who:  iKE Allen – Founder and Filmmaker at Avaiya Films and Creator of iThink Human Transformational Technology What We Talked About:  The spiritual world does not exist separate from your bank account and how iKe lives spiritually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and still lets abundance flow into his life.   Why … Read more

How to be a Renaissance Man

Who:  Sean Stephenson – Author of Get Off Your But: How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself, and Dance Party YouTube Viral Sensation What We Talked About:  Sean was born with a rare bone disease and we talked about how to have confidence and pursue your dreams no matter how the odds are … Read more

Heart Intelligence for Headstrong Entrepreneurs

Who: Mindie Kniss – Heart Intelligence for Headstrong Entrepreneurs What We Talked About:  How much time we all spend “in our heads” and how to make that shift to the heart.  She revealed two easy steps that we all can implement immediately to create “heart coherence.” Why I Like Mindie:  Mindie does a great job … Read more

Attract Money Now

Who:  Joe Vitale – Star of The Secret and Bestselling Author of Countless Books What We Talked About:  The difference in the way Joe thinks now that he’s wealthy and well-known compared to when he was homeless and living in poverty and how each one of us can implement the same techniques to shift our … Read more

How a 24-Year-Old Director Followed His Dream to Film

Who:  Riley Dayne – Director and Producer of The Abundance Factor Movie What We Talked About:  How a 24-year-old unknown director talked some of the top names in the self-improvement industry into being in his movie and lived out his childhood dream. Why I Like Riley:  Riley is a perfect specimen for this show because … Read more

Raising Our Kids Self-Esteem

Who:  Dee Wallace – Actress, Life Coach, and Creator of Buppalapaloo, the interactive talking bear What We Talked About:  Self-esteem in kids and in ourselves.   Why I Like Dee:  Before she hit the scene as Drew Barrymore’s mom in E.T., the blockbuster movie from Steven Spielberg, Dee was a teacher.  Her love for kids … Read more

How Do Successful People THINK?

Who:  Dana Wilde – Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain and Host of The Mind Aware Show Our First Episode:  In this launch episode, I tell you what the show is about, what you can expect, and most important … is it for you?  Are YOU in the right place? Listen in to discover why … Read more