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How to Monetize with a Live Course

Discover step-by-step HOW to create and monetize a live course and put money in your pocket right now, (even if you don’t know what you would teach, you’re not an expert, and you hate marketing).

Dana Wilde - Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, built her business from ZERO to one million dollars a year in just 19 months and she's learned how to train others to do the same.

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I have identified the exact steps that ANYONE can implement to start letting more money into their life right now (without working more hours). These have been tested again and again and are so easy to implement that you will be able to start immediately after this FREE workshop!

This FREE Online Event is for you if …

🙌🏽 You would like to (or need to) put money in your pocket right now.

🙌🏽 You are a lifelong learner and you like to share what you’ve learned with others.

🙌🏽 You have let the technology piece of online selling stop you from moving forward in the past.

🙌🏽 You’ve been thinking about creating an online course, but never seem to get it done.

🙌🏽 Or you just want some motivation to get moving and make money!

If any of these sound like you, then this online event is for you! 

Important Note from Dana Wilde: “No matter how big your business challenge seems, I can help you. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people turn around the most engrained mindsets in minutes on live webinars and I can help you too.” 

In this FREE online workshop, you will discover . . .

➡️ WHY you want to offer a virtual course right now.

➡️ WHAT to offer.

➡️ HOW to offer the course, so people buy.

➡️ How to promote so you make SALES!

➡️  … And MUCH, MUCH MORE!

And yes, it is for “non-techies!”

This Event is FREE, but there is only room for 200!