How To Become a Bestselling Author

How to Do a Book Launch that Lands You on the Bestseller List
with Simon Bogdanowicz

 This video was originally recorded for the Time to Shine Summit.  In this interview, Simon Bogdanowicz, from My Launch Team, reveals how to go to number one, make money, and build your brand. You will discover …

  • The ROADMAP for doing a book launch;
  • THREE online companies that PROMOTE your book for you;
  • The best SOFTWARE for looking like you’re “EVERYWHERE” on social media;
  • How to DEVELOP a launch TEAM to PROMOTE your book for you;
  • The best ways to keep rabid fans ENGAGED and ACTIVE;
  • How to get reviews BEFORE the book is even RELEASED;
  • How to use Amazon’s ALGORITHM to your favor;
  • … and much, much MORE!

How to go to Number One on Amazon

 I created this as a bonus for another program I was a part of.  It shows exactly how I went to number one on Amazon, and how you can apply those same principles to your launch. 

Bestselling Author Rant

This is a “how to do a rant” video that was created for that same program.  It includes a “mini-rant”.  These were people who were very new to Train Your Brain and so I’m not sure how applicable it will be for you, because you are all expert brain trainers!   NOTE:  The “other training” I refer to in this video is the previous video I already included on this page.