Raising Our Kids Self-Esteem

Who:  Dee Wallace – Actress, Life Coach, and Creator of Buppalapaloo, the interactive talking bear

What We Talked About:  Self-esteem in kids and in ourselves.  

Why I Like Dee:  Before she hit the scene as Drew Barrymore’s mom in E.T., the blockbuster movie from Steven Spielberg, Dee was a teacher.  Her love for kids carries through in her work with Buppalapaloo.  I like Dee because she loves the brain as much as I do and she’s taking her powerful self-confidence raising methodology to kids and adults alike.

Great Line:  I am awesome and magnificent just because I am.

Where to Learn More:  The Kickstarter Campaign for Buppalapaloo is here:  http://www.danawilde.com/dee.  
Learn more about the Buppalapaloo Bear here:  http://www.BuppaLaPaloo.com.

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